Friday, June 1, 2012

What I did on my early summer vacation--part 3

Waiting for the other birthday girl
Waiting for the other birthday girl, Mom, sister and niece 

The birthday party was for my mom and my cousin's daughter, Princess A. Planning was started as soon as everyone arrived. Once the menu was made and off we went food shopping. After running to the farmers market and asian food stores, we were ready for the party.

Here's the party menu:
Duck Rolls (restaurant)
Veggie Spring Rolls (restaurant)
Summer Rolls (restaurant)
Green Salad
Mom's Corned Beef Hash
Auntie Judy's Kombu Maki
Roti Canai (restaurant)
Red Velvet cupcakes
Chichi Dango

You may not know what a few of items the menus, here's a couple of descriptions. By the way, I forgot to take pictures of the table.

Mom's Corned Beef Hash
These are corned beef patties that are crispy, salty, potato-y goodness. Whoever has had these, loved them and always want to try and make it themselves. But no one can make it as good as hers. I asked her to make a batch for Oat to keep in the freezer.

Auntie Judy's Kombu Maki
I love this dish and my mom brought Auntie Judy's recipe because it's so delicious. They are little seaweed (kombu) packets with pork belly and burdock (gobo) filling tied closed dried squash (kampyo). Here's a picture of one of these packet from when I made a batch while back. Just wanted to show what it looks like.
One Kombu maki
These packets are braised in a sweet shoyu sauce for a very long time to soften up the pork belly and seaweed. These are great the next day. I have a container of it in my freezer. I'm all set up with a freezer full of my favorite foods from Mom.

We had a great time, ate a lot, and on top of that we got to meet Princess A's new sister Princess L. More to come from early summer vacation. Stay tune.

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