Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm such a foodie

I don't know why It comes to my surprise but every once in a while I realize what a foodie I am. I read and listen to way too much food-base stories. I'm always thinking about when I can make the things I just read or heard about, not that my schedule will allow it [all girl can do, is hope].

Here's an example, I heard this story on Last Chance Food on my way home from work in November about Kabocha pumpkins and how they make the best pumpkin pie. I've been roasting pumpkins and sweet potatoes for pies for a while now and thought I'd try it out. Well, November, December, . . . and almost April have gone by and I've finally got around to roasting my Kabocha [I bought it at the beginning of April]. Still haven't made my pie this weekend [I threw the roasted pumpkin in the freezer], but I did roast up the seeds. If you love roasted pumpkin seeds, then the Kabocha pumpkin is your source. It has a lot of big plump seeds, great for roasting.

roasted kabocha pumpkin seeds
I roasted them up with a little bit of melted butter, a seasoning salt from Hawaii and pepper till they were golden brown. Great for my afternoon snack or a little topping for my endless amounts of salads I've been eating.

Can't I'm going to try out the pie next week with my parents. It's my mom's recipe and she I wanted to see what she thought about the kabocha. Here's the link to the story from Last Chance Food:

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