Sunday, May 5, 2013

Three Generations of Crafty Ladies

I wanted to share where my craftiness comes from. Theres a whole lot of crafty ladies and handy men on both of my sides of my family. I think that's where I draw my skills and the love of making stuff from. 

I just took a couple of pictures of blankets and throws that I have at my house to show off the the talents of three generations.

Grandma O's Satin Patchwork Blanket  Grandma O's Satin Patchwork blanket

I never met Grandma O but damn she was an incredible sewer. I will never be as good as her. Every corner matches and on top of that, it's satin! So hard to sew. The colors are silver, gold, green, blue and brown with red center squares not a color combination I would have come up with but it is so beautiful [a little bias--she was my grandma].

Auntie K's Kimono patchwork throw
Auntie K's kimono patchwork
So the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and Auntie K was also a incredible sewer who my sister and I would alway fall to whenever we were struggled with a project. This a throw Auntie K made it for us when we moved into our house. Once again all the corners match perfectly. This photo doesn't do it justice, the pink flower area are kimonos and it has contrasting dark teal backing. It is a perfect throw to lay around or to sit at the computer in cold house.

Mom's Crochet Throw [looks like a pineapple pattern]
Mom's crochet throw
Crochet is my mom's thing. I think it keeps her hands busy while she watches her Korean soap operas in the evening. This is one of many throws that I have from her. Yes, she watches lots of Korean soaps. She was the one that taught me how to crochet that lead me to knitting and my love of yarn.

C's Blue and Yellow quilt
C's Blue/Yellow quilt

I wish I had the gene that make you have perfect corners in your patchwork. I didn't get it but my sister did. Like Grandma and Auntie K, C's an incredible sewer [you should have seen the dresses she made for the my niece], and this was a housewarming gift to she made for us. I picked out the colors then she had to do the hard part of finding the prints that would work [or if she uses my technique--ugly + ugly = beautiful--try it, it works]. She also is great fast knitter--she makes clothing--I make accessories. Hopefully that will be my next step. 

Well that's all for now. Just wanted to share. 

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