Saturday, May 18, 2013

How does my garden grow?

Not very well at the moment. Remember that nice little garden my family help me put in last year. Well, it's currently grow a beautiful lush patch of weeds that the critters brought with them.

I even have a giant weed tree that refuse to die right next to my front door.

But now that I have the skilled gardening experts back at my house, I'm hoping to take advantage of their skill for a trade of jam and cake and maybe even some sweet potato doughnuts. 
We went to the garden center, that's where we first saw the crazy sun, see my post, Look @ the sun! Picked up italian parsley, marigolds, swiss chard, zinnias and snap dragons. Planted the flowers around the yard, hope the critters don't find them and have them for dinner. 

Fast forward to Saturday, 5/18 and we finally got around to do the fencing for my veggie garden. Got an early start to Lowes to pick up the fencing supplies. Yesterday, the Lowes visit was to scope out the fencing stuff to figure out what to do to keep out the critters this year and of course buy more flowers. 

Here's some pictures of the fencing process. Dad did most of the work with me helping where I could.  Mom cooked a yummy lunch of our favorite corned beef hash patties that she is famous for. 

leftover hash
This is what's left of the famous hash. Great lunch!

I added a link of my garden 5/2013 in flickr if you want to see more pictures my newly planted garden:

Garden pre fencing
Garden planted with seeds and seedlings, Pre-fencing, stakes in

Dad and fencing
Unpacking the fencing material

Dad & garden fence
Hooking the fencing on to the stakes

All fenced in and watered. White piece of wood there temporary to see if needed

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