Monday, May 13, 2013

What to make during my vacation?

UPDATE: What I made on my vacation. Had a bit of technical difficulty with my oven. I spilled over some water that I was boiling for my blackberry jam and it shorted out my control panel so I couldn't set my oven temperature for several days, right before Sunday's get together with my cousin's family. 

I'm doing a stay-cation the rest of my days off. Keeping my parents busy. I thought I'd use the time to make what I've been itching to try.

First thing up was last night's dinner braised lamb shanks. Perfect for a cool day--to warm up my parents. Braised in chicken broth, whole tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery and mushroom. Did a little asian spin, I used mirin instead white wine. It adds a little bit of sweetness. Cooked for 4 hours till meat falls off the bone. Mmmmmmm-I miss cooking and eating like this.

Here's the rest of my list mostly sweets but that's because my mom has a sweet tooth.
-macarons for this coming Sunday's Lunch-broken oven
-blackberry jam for the . . .
-blackberry jam birthday cake-broken oven
-sweet potato doughnuts
-pumpkin pie with roasted kabocha
-apricot jam
-lemon curd-broken oven or these were for the macarons and just didn't want to make it since I didn't have a working oven
-molten chocolate cake-we had this at the graduation dinner-everyone thought it would be good idea have this on the menu-broken oven

And if I have the time . . . I always think I can accomplish more than I have time or energy for. I didn't get to any of these. But will try to get to all of these this summer. Since all of them seems to fit into my new eating ways. Will keep you posted.
-kale quiche
-smitten kitchen's carrot soup

Here's picture of my braised lamb shanks.

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