Sunday, May 12, 2013

Up in Almost Canada for one last time

My niece is graduating this weekend and I'm up in Almost Canada with the family for her graduation. Only WG isn't here--someone had to run the restaurant. Took us [me and the parental units] 7 hours from NJ--including lunch and getting lost once. Phew!

Meet up with the rest of the family at the hotel--packed with graduates' families. There's at least 3 other colleges/university that I know of nearby and it looks like all them has the graduation on the same day. 

Pre-Graduation dinner @ Maxwell's. Packed and noisy with tons of families. Here's a picture of the kids at dinner, niece, nephew's girlfriend and nephew. Notice the appletinis in front of the youngsters.

Now we are resting up for the big event today. I'm trying to knit up something easy that I can donate. It was a hat that I didn't like it, so I took it apart and trying a seed stitch pattern for a man's scarf. I'm also playing the crochet interpreter to my mom. She's making up a scarf for my sister. 

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